Re: Can not locate exported file to be sent to LOTW

Dick Bingham

Hello Rick

Where you say ===> "What I would try is to run a Command prompt "As Adminstrator" - press the "Windows" key, type the letters "cmd" then you should see a "Run as Administrator" option. Select that. (Or, right click the icon and choose "Run as Administrator") "

I get the following response ===>

 and nowhere find the run as administrator after right-clicking the 'mouse' on everything in or on the popup screen.
The remainder of your suggestions I have not tried because I can't get past the first step described above !

I am also puzzled by the "header" in the above screen capture where in says "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe"
System info says ===>

I have a 64-bit OS

NOW, I have been informed the wrong Grid Square (CN98pi) is associated with every QSO sent to LOTW
even though I have specified the East Wenatchee (CN97uj)  site from which I am presently operating.

How does one ensure they are NOT running as Administrator ? Now, with the added new issue, I am stumped.

Dick/w7wkr presently at CN97uj

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