Re: Can not locate exported file to be sent to LOTW

Dick Bingham

Hello Dave, Rick and others who responded.

I am running THETIS SW to control an ANAN-7000dle plus WSJT-X and JTAlert
on a DELL E6510 laptop running W-7 64-bit OS

Some times this combination of software hangs-up - stalls for up to several minutes
during a logging process - and finally sorts-out whatever caused the hang-up, and
everything begins working again.

I have had to manually log several FT8 contacts that would have been lost. I DO have
things setup to automatically log to DXKeeper and LOTW.

The inability to find the ADIF file DXKeeper generated, so I could manually send to
LOTW those Q's I manually entered into DXKeeper, is the problem - I can not find it
where it was supposedly saved.

I did look in ===> "C:\Program Files (x86)\TrustedQSL"  and it was not visibly there either.

I have looked at DXKeeper's CONFIG and other popup pages and did not find a way to
change where an ADIF file, created by DXKeeper to send to LOTW, can be stored.

As an aside, does anyone know how to modify an already logged to LOTW QSO. I have
several contacts with mis-labeled Grid Squares that 50MHz FFMA award chasers need
'fixed' (CN97 needs to be changed to CN98).

73 to all

Dick/w7wkr presently at CN97uj

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