Re: Occasional callbook lookup failure

Bruce - K5WBM

I have a similar issue and have not been able to track down a cause.  The issue doesn’t repeat every time and happens only on the initial lookup.  Mine usually works on the 2nd lookup and everyone after that.

I gave up trying to track it down since it’s easy enough to work around it in my case by just reperforming the lookup.

Bruce - K5WBM

On Jun 23, 2022, at 12:10 PM, Daniel W9DGI <dgi@...> wrote:

Occasionally when operating CW and with all DXLab applications running, I get an error message when I type a call sign into WinWarbler and press ENTER or TAB; when this happens (not often) the call sign is populated into the CALL box in the Capture window but no additional information appears. The error message reads: "Unable to perform callbook lookup via DXKeeper: Foreign application won't perform DDE method or operation."  Most of the time WinWarbler and DXKeeper work flawlessly together. I can't figure out what's wrong and would appreciate help! Thanks -- W9DGI  Daniel

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