How does DXLAB, LOTW, and EQSL handle special short-term prefix usage ?

Joseph Willis

I have only ever used my regular callsign since I started using the above programs.  However, currently Canada is allowing a special prefix for the next 30 days to all who want to use them.

What is the impact of effectively changing your callsign in DXLAB ?  on LOTW ? on EQSL ?

I only want to have one version of my log, and keep all my awards totals and country counts together.

I know DXLAB has the "auxiliary" section, with Station, Op, and Owner calls, but I wonder what the overall consequences are of using each of them ?  And if I use one of them in DXLAB, what happens to the transfers I do to LOTW and EQSL ?

Is there a field I can use so my QSL card to someone reflects the special prefix ?  Or is it better to just make a note in DXLAB, and manually send out the different QSL card to avoid a lot of headaches ?

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