Re: DXKeeper take 5 minutes to start?

Jim N7US

I don’t have any issues with BitDefender,


Jim N7US



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I would add that it takes the programs a while to close too and I frequently see the spinning mouse icon.


On 6/13/2022 3:07 PM, W0MU wrote:

Curious what antivirus protection people are using.  I have Bitdefender and I see fairly slow "boot" time when launching the programs.  I have the DXL directory excluded from scans etc.  This one is running Windows 11 and is a considerably better computer.

I will have to check this against my old computer.


On 6/13/2022 2:56 PM, Larry Benoit wrote:


I may jumped to an incorrect conclusion that you are executing DXKeeper via DXLauncher.  For clarification are you running DXKeeper directly from the Windows applications menu or via DXLauncher?

Like you I run dozens of apps and they all start quickly shortly after boot-up, except DXLauncher on my Win 8.1 desktop. 

Though a corrupt log file seems very unlikely, you might consider creating a new log file (.mdb) on the C: drive for test purposes and see what happens. 

Good luck and 73,
Larry KB1VFU

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