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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I have 6Y5MJ credited for 6Y back in 1964 and then the same QSO was submitted for 6Y for 40 meter credit at a later date. I have not figured out how to link one QSO in the log to two different credits.

+ Link the QSO to one of the two credits. So long as the QSO's "QSL Rcvd" item is set to 'V', there will be no discrepancies.

These were essentially all confirmed via QSL cards, but the QSOs have all been uploaded to LOTW. Isn't there a way to use one (LOTW) to fix the other (DXCC Credits) without going through each credit individually.

+ Submitting the QSOs to LoTW will get those QSOs marked "confirmed" if your QSO partners also submitted those QSOs to LoTW, but will not mark them as "DXCC credit granted".


Dave, AA6YQ

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