Re: SC WSJT gateway question

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
It does populate the specified fields but Commander freq and WSJT Band/freq are not changed.

For example I'm listening for new ones on 6m FT8 the a spot comes up in SC showing something in 10m FT8.  Double clicking the spot fills in the call, etc but freq does not change to 10m in either Commander or WSJT. I then need to use WSJT pull down to select 10m which Commander follows properly

+ When a Spot Database Entry for a station operating on 10m FT8 is double-clicked, SpotCollector can only direct Commander to QSY to the bottom of the 10m FT8 sub-band if the selected sub-band definition file contains an entry that defines the 10m FT8 sub-band. This requirement was missing from the "Selecting a Spot Database Entry" section of

+ This defect in the documentation has been corrected.


            Dave, AA6YQ



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