Re: Slow to log from WSJTX to DXK ?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I just set up DXK and SC for logging from WSJTX. I have done this for several years without issues but today was configuring a new rig and related software (Slicemaster6000 and SmartSDR) . All is working but very slow . It takes about three minutes from when the "Log QSO" in WSJTX is clicked upon until the confirmation is received that is has passed to DXK. When working several in quick succession , 5 minutes passed without any QSOs appearing in DXK and then four arrived all at same time. Applications in use all seem to be working at normal speed but SC has some latency . If I click on a check-box of modes to filter, it takes about 5 seconds for the check box to appear on screen. There are no recent entries in SC's error log . Any thoughts ? CPU seems to run around 50% .

+ That's too complex a configuration to run with Windows booted into "Safe Mode with Networking" to confirm my suspicion, which is that an application automatically started by Windows is interfering with your DXLab applications. Anti-malware is the usual culprit, but other applications are also known to interfere. See


Dave, AA6YQ

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