Re: Launcher slow start

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
I too am knee-deep in this issue too. Only for me, I was able to determine that OneDrive and DropBox are culprits - DropBox in particular: Launcher and then DXV and SC that it auto-starts take _minutes_ to complete - >6 minutes. Turn those too file uploading services off and it's lickity split.

This is puzzling because I've been using DropBox and OneDrive for many years. In fact, I have an automated procedure that backs my DXLab logs and other settings to a folder in OneDrive. Works great. But something has changed and it's affected DXLab.

Clearly not your problem Dave - I am investigating and will share my findings.

+ Thanks, Brian!

+ Take a look at memory consumption: use the Windows Task Manager, and sort in decreasing order of memory usage.


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