Re: TQSL popup each time DXKeeper is started

Joe Subich, W4TV

The installer on the ARRL web site has an error that identifies the
tQSL.exe file as version 2.6.0. K1MU has posted a fixed installer
but it has apparently not made it to the official ARRL site.

Anyone from ARRL HQ awake?


... Joe, W4TV

On 2022-05-12 11:06 AM, C. Michael D'Alto via wrote:
Started getting a popup this morning "DXKeeper Updates from LoTW A new TQSL release [v2.6.1] is available".
I updated to v2.6.1, yet the popup persists each time DXKeeper is started.
I open TQSL and check for updates under "Help" and it tells me that "A new TQSL release [v2.6.1] is available!"
I check my current version under "About" and it tells me I AM running TQSL V2.6 build [v2.6.1].
I tried repairing the install.  The option to install it is greyed out.
I don't think this is the fault of DXKeeper.  When I attempt to upload a QSO, the dialogue that DXKeeper generates indicates TQSL Version 2.6 [v2.6.1]
"Signing using callsign K2CD, DXCC Entity UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"  So it appears to be functioning.
Can I suppress the popup for happening each time DXKeeper is started?

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