TQSL popup each time DXKeeper is started

C. Michael D'Alto

!!!False Alarm!!!

I manually uninstalled TQSL, rebooted and installed 2.6.1 again and the popup has ceased.  


Started getting a popup this morning "DXKeeper Updates from LoTW A new TQSL release [v2.6.1] is available".

I updated to v2.6.1, yet the popup persists each time DXKeeper is started.

I open TQSL and check for updates under "Help" and it tells me that "A new TQSL release [v2.6.1] is available!"

I check my current version under "About" and it tells me I AM running TQSL V2.6 build [v2.6.1].

I tried repairing the install.  The option to install it is greyed out.

I don't think this is the fault of DXKeeper.  When I attempt to upload a QSO, the dialogue that DXKeeper generates indicates TQSL Version 2.6 [v2.6.1]
"Signing using callsign K2CD, DXCC Entity UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"  So it appears to be functioning. 

Can I suppress the popup for happening each time DXKeeper is started?

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