Launcher slow start

George Steube

Sorry I hit the wrong button before I finished this email!

I have been having a slow start problem with the DxLauncher window for many months now and so far all my attempts to solve the problem have failed. Running Launcher 2.1.7.  The Launcher windows takes over a minute to appear and sometimes doesn't remember the screen location.  If I start in safe mode with networking it starts and appears immediately.  There are no error logs in DXLauncher. Windows Defender is the only antivirus on the machine.  Also I use DropBox to backup my database and workspaces.

I have used the DXLabs wiki to try and isolate the problem but nothing has worked.  Have done the following:

Updated Windows Defender and virus protection

Turned off all apps in the startup tab

Made sure DxLauncher.exe is listed as a safe application

Additional suggestion would be appreciated.

73, George

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