Re: Trying again--- no backup folder selected


SpotCollector cannot find the location where you are saving the backup file: either the disk drive; the indicated folder; or path to the folder. 

Have you changed disks or in advertently deleted or changed the folder or disk drive?

Look In SpotCollector | Config | Spot Database tab | top entry: Spot Database File | Pathname. 

What is in the path name, this should point to the location of your back-up file.



Dave, w6de


From: <> On Behalf Of Bob Frostholm via
Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2022 23:06
Subject: [DXLab] Trying again--- no backup folder selected


I guess the window is blocked

It says  "no backup folder selected Backup aborted"




I must have done something by accident. When I close DXKeeper I get the following window:

Since I don 't know what I did to cause this, I've been unable to figure out how to correct it. Any assistance is much appreciated.



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