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Barry Murrell ZS2EZ

Sorry only catching up with this thread now – have been laid up with a nasty bout of ‘flu!!! (Plus a week of Rolling Blackouts have kept the email PC switched off!!)


During a recent exchange with LoTW Support over some problems with TU5PCT uploads (one of which was on 60m) I was quite shocked at their response and comments regarding 60m – it appears that the ARRL are TOTALLY oblivious to developments worldwide on this band!!! 


These are their comments:

There are no awards or any plans to add awards to 60m for a variety of reasons.

  • The Amateur Radio Service is a secondary user on this band.  TRUE
  • Most 60m allocations were permitted to fill the void between 7 and 3.5 MHz to provide communications during emergencies and to enable government agencies communicate directly with operators from the Amateur Radio Service.  This was demonstrated most recently during the response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.    NOT REALLY APPLICABLE OUTSIDE THE AMERICAS
  • Many countries are still trying to get a 5 MHz allocation.  Competitive activity would only hurt their chances to be granted access to 60m.  MOST COUNTRIES HAVE 5MHZ ALLOCATION ALREADY
  • Allocation on 5 MHz is channelized.  COMPLETELY FALSE OUTSIDE THE USA – ZS FOR EXAMPLE HAS 5350-5450 CONTIGUOUS.
  • Some countries are only permitted domestic communications on this band. NOT THE CASE IN THE VAST MAJORITY OF ENTITIES

And finally, there are not even 100 countries with a 60m allocation so earning DXCC is impossible. ABSOLUTE RUBBISH – I PERSONALLY HAVE 107 CONFIRMED VIA LoTW (119 WORKED), MANY OPS HAVE UPWARD OF 150 CONFIRMED. OZ1ABE reports 233 WORKED.


Really, 60m is a great band – especially via FT8. The ARRL however seem to have their own agenda regarding this band, and choose to keep their heads buried firmly in the sand. This is quite sad, but it is their prerogative. Dave has stated several times that until the ARRL change their stance 60m will not be supported within the Award Tracking of DXKeeper – he has however provided the tools to follow our activity via scripts.

Incidentally there are 60m Awards available via …. As this is a very rudimentary website, don’t ever expect Dave to support these awards!!  (NOTE : despite my interest in 60m, I WHOLLY appreciate and support Dave’s stance this band!!!)


So, if you are into DXing for fun (not for DXCC / WAS etc) 60m is great – but if Awards are your sole interest this band is not for you!




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Subject: Re: [DXLab] Enhancement Request


Last comment marked with ** before closing this topic from my side:

Quite simply, the ARRL Board of Directors with input from legal counsel
and regulatory affairs department long ago decided that, given the
regulatory restrictions, 60m is not suitable for DXing (or any other
"competitive" activity.

** I strongly believe that this decision was made - long time ago, as you say - without considering or even knowing the rapid development of FTx. DXing, however, defined in Wikipedia (English version) as "DXing is the hobby of receiving and identifying distant radio or television signals, or making two-way radio contact with distant stations in amateur radio" is both possible and suitable. If not allowed I wonder how so many call signs from the US can be worked at night on 60 m in FT8. Are they all operating illegally? And: why is there a bandplan explicitly allowing digi-modes there? Hard for me to believe that all this is not following given rules and regulations. But I might be wrong. "not suitable" in the common sense that it is extremely difficult or even impossible to work DX-stations is not correct when looking at the number of stations active in FT8 on 60 m at night. During some antenna tests I have worked more than 50 DXCC's within two nights with low power (10 W, antenna was non resonant dipole about 30 m above ground)

Given the strict interpretation of the rules ... operation on the center
of the channel, one user at a time, etc., 60m is not suitable for DXing.
I consider the multi-user digital operation for US licensees to be
questionable at best under the current regulations and, like Gil, do
not find that band to be worth the effort.

** Based on my personal experience 60m is worth the effort, might be in FT8 only. Just give it a try. I was extremely surprised to find so many stations very active on 60 m. This might change with improving band conditions. If somebody doesn't like FTx, however, the way it could be seen would be different most probably.

Please understand that my comments are based on my personal knowledge as simple radio amateur, not as legal counsel and not knowing the detailed rules and regulations in the US. So if one of my statements is legally not ok I already apologize for it, but I did not want that as result of a side discussion starting at RTTY vs other Digi-Modes a nice band like 60 m became rated so poorly. If Dave would not like to accept the enhancement request to implement user defined columns or even lines for some other reasons it would be ok for me, discussion will be stopped from my side anyway.


Juergen, DL8LE

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