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Jim N7US

I took Fortran in 1967 at Iowa State, after changing my major to accounting, took a year of COBOL!  Iowa State had a large computer science building and department and offered BS through PhDs in CS, I think.


73,  Jim N7US


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Back in the 60’s, the engineering students got to take Fortran. Business students like me had to take something called Autocoder, which probably went obsolete about the time I finished the class.


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And remember, as a student, your program was the absolute lowest priority and so was run during the middle of the night.
Also, we had to take a non-credit Fortran tutoring class where I heard and blindly accepted then as gospel-truth "Real programmers don't flow-chart."
I learned the hard-way later that was the worst advice I ever heard.
As a manager, I stipulated "Nobody codes until the flow-chart is agreed on".
jerry km3k


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