Re: #file #poll DXKeeper not uploading QSO's sent by JTAlert to LoTW #file #poll

Dave AA6YQ

I did not find a hashtag for logging problems, so chose the #file
and #poll not knowing what they may be about

+ Welcome to DXLab, Dick!

+ It's not necessary to include a hashtag in your posts here.

I am experiencing a logging problem using the following setup:
- DXKeeper v16.4.5
- JTAlert v2.51.0
- WSJT-X v2.5.4

I work someone and :

- WSJT-X pop-up LOG-Details window display appears and I click on "OK"
- JTAlert pop-up displays "Log OK to DXKeeper
- DXKeeper pop-up displays "No QSOs were uploaded to LoTW - command syntax error"
- LOTWReport - Notepad pop-up displays "TQSL Version 2.5.9
                          The selected station location could not be found
                          Final Status: command Syntax Error (10)

Later, I can access the log in DXKeeper, generate a file, and upload it successfully to LoTW
What am I missing in setting-up something correctly?

+ Please make a screenshot showing the LoTW tab of DXKeeper's "QSL Configuration" window, attach the screenshot to an email message, and send the message to me via

aa6yq (at)


            Dave, AA6YQ


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