Spotcollector Sources no longer working

Rory Griffin, W4RJG

Hi all. 
     I have been using DXLabs for a few months.  Still so much to learn.  This groups helps.

    So I cannot figure this problem out.  Spotcollector sources have been working all this time.  Until very recently.  No major changes to my WIn10.  But some additional software has been added.  And a GPS dongle vk-162.  The new programs added and usually running are PinPoint APRS and Soundmodem.  Other software also usually up and running were usually running when spotcollector sources also worked.  They are Win4Icom, full FLDigi suite, full DXLabs suite, CWGET, MMSSTV, MMD, WSJT-x.  WinLink rotating between Telnet, VARA HF and ARDOP.

     Any ideas gals and guys?  Thnx

73s, Rory W4RJG

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