Re: Spot Collector phonetics

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
All aspects of Audio Alarm work well

except for the call sign phonetics. Although enabled, even the test button produces no sound. SC configuration appears in the Windows 10 Volume Mixer and the DX!.wav and Joe DX 2.wav work. On the pathnames panel the Phonetics\Speed1 file is selected.

What else is required?

+ In SpotCollector's Sounds folder, Phonetics\Speed1 is a folder, not a file. Does it contain a .wav file for each number and letter?

+ If not, you can obtain them from

+ This self-extracting executable contains the folders Speed1, Speed2, and Speed3, each populated with .wav files for numbers and letters. Configure SpotCollector to choose the Speed folder you prefer.

+ The self-extracting executable is also available by clicking the "Audio Phonetics by Joe DX" link in the "Auxiliary Files" cell in SpotCollector's row of the "Available DXLab Releases" table in

+ See step 2 in


                   Dave, AA6YQ


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