Trouble upgrading to 16.4.0

Bob Frostholm

Hello DX Lab brain trust,

I have clearly done something wrong and need some assistance please.In an attempt to upgrade to 16.4.0, something weird occurred

Here is a snip from my directory... C:\DXLab\DXKeeper

16.4.0 seems to be in the correct location

If I click and open DXKeeper1640 application, my log with 57,000 qsos appears just fine

I have not changed my JTAlert settings. They are show here.

When I go to the Log File referenced above, my log is there,,,

But when I now open JTAlert, I get the following messages. Clicking "OK" leads to the next and the next.. It looks like it is trying to open a prior version unsuccessfully

and then the old log seems to open, but with no QSOs...

I'm guessing the solution is simple, ,but I can't figure it out... . It seems like I'm pointing JTAlert to a wrong location but I can't figure it out

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated




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