Re: Spot Collector Monitor

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I tried to repeat monitor install onto my Win 11 laptop. Launching DXK on laptop, I see error missing "mscomctl.ocx" file. I grabbed missing ocx file from Win10 pc. I note file is registered under ActiveX on win 10 pc. I copied file to stick. I do not know where to paste file on Win 11 laptop.

+ You can't simply copy a missing component to your Windows 11 laptop; the component must be registered with Windows. I suggest that you do the following on that laptop:

1. terminate all DXLab applications

2. direct Windows to uninstall DXKeeper

3. terminate and restart Windows (to clear whatever conflict prevented mscomctl.ocx from being installed the first time you installed DXKeeper)

4. direct Windows to install DXKeeper


Dave, AA6YQ

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