Request for help: SQL Expression to find K1FOC 2021 QSO's in W1EBM log

Gary Smetana

Hi Dave & the Group,

Need some help.  Think my SQL's not quite right.


Here’s the steps I did :


#1)  Created (in ADV window, in Filter #1 at bottom:  an  SQL User-Defined Sort as:  


 (STATION_CALLSIGN='K1FOC')   AND  (QSO_ Begin >#2021-01-01 00:00#)

#2)  In TQSL, I confirmed  I had added "Home  Station (K1FOC)” as an  

       Added Location.


#3) In Main Window, clicked on QSL;   then clicked  “QSL Config.” 


#4) In the new window,  selected  the LoTW  tab.    In the TQSL area @  

      bottom, I changed the "Station Location”  to "Home Station (K1FOC)”    

      and changed the "Station Call Sign" to K1FOC. 


#5) Clicked on "Filter"

#6) Get Error Message:  "Invalid Filter Expression"

Got a bad character or a missing character...?


Gary W1EBM



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