Re: DX Keeper not accepting some calls from WSJT nor JT Alert-SOLVED

JTAlert Support (VK3AMA)

On 18/01/2022 1:41 pm, St. Cuda wrote:
needed a newer version of Windows Runtime and just could not find anything newer then the 5.0.12, available in HamApps

The NET 5.0.12 Desktop Runtime is perfectly fine for JTAlert 2.5.x. Earlier versions of the NET 5 Desktop Runtime are acceptable as well. The files linked on HamApps are done because of the large number of users who had trouble with the Microsoft download page and would install the incorrect non-desktop runtime. While HamApps has the 5.0.12 runtime links the latest is 5.0.13.

The links on HamApps will be updated today.

BTW, I am still running 5.0.10 of the desktop runtime with JTAlert 2.50.9 (the latest) without issue on my Ham PC.

de Laurie VK3AMA
(JTAlert developer)

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