Re: TQSL option to use grid and other data from ADIF

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I am not sure I am asking this the right way. I do many many POTA activations and its really tedious to have to create a station location and then a matching QTH in DXKeeper for LOTW uploads.

I heard there was some feature in TQSL that allowed LOTW to use the grid, state info from the ADIF file.

+ Correct: open TQSL, go to the preferences pane, select the "Log Handling" tab, and then click on "Override Station Location with QTH details from your log". According to TQSL developer Rick K1MU, TQSL will then ignore the information in the selected Station Location and instead use the information in the QSO's MY_GRIDSQUARE, MY_COUNTRY, MY_STATE, MY_COUNTRY items - but I have not personally tested this.

You no longer have to create a new station location for roaming operations.

+ On DXKeeper's "Export QSOs" tab, check the Options panel's "Export ADIF for LoTW" and "Export QTH definitions" boxes.

I log my POTA activations using Aclog from N3FJP, but my main station log is DXLabs, and has been for 12 years. But entering hundreds of contacts is so much faster in ACLOG.

+ If you are initially logging your QSOs on paper (as opposed to logging them with a portable computer), use this technique to rapidly enter them form your paper log into DXKeeper:

+ Familiarizing yourself with the available keyboard shorts will accelerate the process:

So I use that to create my ADIF that I send to POTA, and then import the contacts into DXKeeper. But I have to create a station and QTH first.

+ You will have to create and populate a myQTH in DXKeeper for each park from which you operate, but the above technique should eliminate the need to create a new "Station Location" in TQSL for each park.


Dave, AA6YQ

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