Re: SC v9.0.5 Observation

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I've had two clusters running and each filtered at CC User. They have been working FB for several weeks and during today's NA QSO CW Party only one of the two sites is being displayed consistently in SC.
I've tried each of them individually and they then display just fine, but once I enable the other they don't seem or want to play nice.
I have a good throttle on the clusters at CC User. Only feed CW and not a full fire hose.
No pre-filters in SC are set. I've also done Ctrl X to remove any filters as well.
Using slots 2 & 3 in SC for the two clusters.

+ As has been reported here, there's a defect in SpotCollector 9.0.5 that causes spot sources to be disconnected. I have corrected this defect, and initial reports from users testing a version of SpotCollector with this defect repair have been positive so far. I have submitted the new version to Microsoft for security screening; barring an adverse user test report, expect to make a public release tomorrow.

+ I have sent you email explaining how to obtain the new version.


Dave, AA6YQ

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