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I’m confused. I went to the Defender link. It seems to be all about downloading the latest version of Defender. I see no way to tell it about SC as you suggest. Where and how do I tell it about SC? I was under the impression that you clear all your software with Windows so why do I have to tell it about SC? Im a novice at Windows operations. Can I have the simple version please? I’m very nervous about making adjustments to Defender as Windows and DXL now work consistently well together without me doing anything. If it ain't broke don’t fix it!  Thanks a lot.  Also yesterday I saw DXL data base upgrades which I installed. Where do I find the SC upgrade?

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+ AA6YQ comments below
Also noticing that as I work a new Marathon country for the year SC no longer recomputes and changes the country to worked. I have to do a manual recompute. Yes, there is a check in the box to Enable automatic updates. 

+ The next time you're about to log a QSO with a new Marathon country, please do the following

1. enable "log debugging info" on DXKeeper's Configuration window's General tab

2. log the QSO

3. disable "log debugging info" on DXKeeper's Configuration window's General tab

4. attach the errorlog.txt file from your DXKeeper folder to an email message, and send the message to me via

aa6yq (at)


           Dave, AA6YQ


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