Re: Reverse Beacon Spots

Pete Smith

See  There are over 100 clusters carrying RBN CW and RTTY spots, and over 15 (listed in the article) that carry FT8 spots from us.

There was no "censorship" involved, by Dave or anyone else.  To set the record straight, we request that people *not* connect directly to the RBN's Telnet servers because those nodes are intended only to distribute spots to "retail" nodes for distribution to users.  Their software has been stripped down for speed, and does not support any filtering, without which most users would agree that the spot volume is too high to be very useful.

73, Pete N4ZR
Check out the new Reverse Beacon Network
web server at <>.
For spots, please use your favorite 
"retail" DX cluster.
On 1/12/2022 7:31 AM, Anthony wrote:

Now that the RBN has been censored from Spot Collector, does someone have a site that provides these spots?  Thanks for your help.

Anthony - N2KI

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