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Rich, FWIW, I think there is very little benefit from using multiple clusters, or ones in distant locations.  Now that the whole system is Internet-based, rather than the old RF cluster network, it makes a lot more sense to choose a cluster based on the filtering that it offers for choosing which spots you want - location of the spotter, band, mode and so on.

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 1/2/2022 6:42 PM, RICH NU6T wrote:

I've been away from the radio for ten years or so.  In getting reset, I'm  trying other loggers.  I used VE7CC long ago, it still seems like a good choice.  TheDXLab start up includes example clusters and I'm considering dropping the Irish cluster to add VE7CC.

Previously, I used VE7CC and a cluster south of my QTH, and one in Reno, Nv.  I'm in northern California.   I have a little pistol station.  To get started, these three seem like a good restart.  I wonder whether it would be useful to have  JA and an east coast cluster?  I'm not sure about adding in a European or other distant clusters.  Would appreciate opinions and discussion. 


Rich, Ca.

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