Re: an analysis of Remote Beacon Network (RBN) spots and their impact on SpotCollector's performance

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Exactly , what is the definition of a Retail Cluster?


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Subject: Re: [DXLab] an analysis of Remote Beacon Network (RBN) spots and their impact on SpotCollector's performance


Sorry, Dave, what do you mean by "that site"?

To be clear, I don't think there are very many RBN nodes generating FT8 spots, and don't know how many "retail" clusters make them available.  Certainly, there are many more "retail" clusters handling CW and RTTY RBN spots.

For your advice to users of the next version of Spot Collector, how about this:

"If you want to receive RBN CW and RTTY spots, you can visit and choose from its huge country-by-country list of DX clusters.  Those that are known to be distributing RBN spots are identified by the note "(+CW Skimmer)".  A small minority of clusters are distributing RBN FT8 spots.  Known examples are W9PA-5 (telnet: and VE7CC (telnet:, using the SET/FT8 command).  Check the opening banner of the cluster you choose for any specific instructions.

It may be worth reminding Spot Collector users that geography is no longer particularly important in choosing a cluster to use.  For practical purposes, a cluster across the country from you receives and forwards spots as quickly as one that is just around the corner."

73, Pete N4ZR
Check out the new Reverse Beacon Network
web server at <>.
For spots, please use your favorite 
"retail" DX cluster.

On 12/28/2021 12:46 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:

+ AA6YQ comments below
Dave, now this is getting silly. 
+ It's not silly to me. For the next version of SpotCollector, I must update the documentation to explain how users should connect to the RBN. Right now, all I've got is "Go Fish".
It would be pointless for the RBN team to try to duplicate what that site is already doing.
+ An hour or two's work would produce an application that ingests the HTML from "that site" and generates an HTML table populated by the 128 entries that in "that site" that have the words "CW Skimmer" in their Call or Notes columns. The resulting web page would be a "list of current cluster nodes that convey CW and FT8 RBN spots".  You could run the application monthly to keep the generated web page up-to-date.
             Dave, AA6YQ


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