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# Thanks, Tim. There are two possible causes of the WAS progress report containing no entries:

A. In the "WAS Bands & Modes" panel on the Configuration window's Awards tab, you have the Sat or QRP boxes checked
aa. Neither SAT, QRP or Mixed (Basic) are checked

B. On the Main window's "myQTHs" tab, you have more than one "my QTHs" specified, but none of them have their WAS boxes checked (meaning "QSOs made from this location count for WAS").
bb. I have 2 "my QTH" one is from when I lived in Pittsburgh, PA (This would be the larger of the two data bases). My last QSO was in August 2020 before taking down my antennas,
      The second is my present QTH which is Myrtle Beach, SC which I just started back in the hobby in August 2021,

# If neither of these two possibilities are the case, then please do the following:

1. on the Configuration window's Log tab, note the pathname of your log file specified in the "Log file" panel at the top of the tab
1a. File was found in DXLab/DXKeeper/Databases/

2. place your log file in a zip archive, attach the zip archive to an email message, and send the message to me via
aa6yq (at)
2a. Email is on the way.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Be safe on New Year's Eve,

Tim - N8NEU
DMR # 3158610

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