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I am having a hard time figuring out how to display my WAS and WAZ. I have 1220 QSOs in my DXKeeper.

On both WAS and WAZ I have all Bands and Modes checked. I have Real Time Progress check on both WAS and WAZ. Whenever I ask for a progress report for both of the pages, they are empty as in no QSOs.

+ Let's focus on WAS first. In the "WAS Bands & Modes" panel on the Configuration window's Awards tab, which boxes are checked?
** 6m through 160m
*** Phone, CW and Digital
**** Realtime Award Progress

+ Do your logged QSOs with US stations specify a State?
***** YES

+ Please do the following:

1. In the Filter panel at the bottom of the Main window's "Log QSOs", click the X button
****** Clicked the X

2. In the WAS panel on the Main window's "Check Progress" tab, click the WAS button
******* WAS has 3 buttons
          -  Clicked Progress button, all fields empty
          -- Clicked Submittion button. Not sure on what to do here.
          --- Clicked Realtime button, all fields empty.

+ What does the generated WAS Progress Report show?
******** As mentioned above nothing. All fields are empty.

Note: On the Log QSO tab, between the arrows it shows <<1234>> to which I understand are the number of QSOs logged by DXKeeper.

I hope this answers all your questions.
Tim - N8NEU
DMR # 3158610

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