Anthony W. DePrato

At one time i was bricking routers and getting into my rotor controler's when i ran my amps on 80 and 160 meters. first thing i did was order 100 31 mix beads that would fit over my RG -213 coax i made up two foot sections of RG 213 with 24 beads and PL-259's on each end.
i used a ty-wrap at each end to keep the beads from moving and then slid 1.5 in heat shrink tubeing over them. then warpped the entire choke with electrical tape. i put one on the output of each amp . and one at the feed point of my 160 Inverted L. this took care of 95 % of my problems
the only thing i was seeing now was a little R.F. still coming in on the control lines of my 3 rotors. i ordered a few dozen snap on from Amazon (yep BY stuff but they did the job ) and put a couple on each cable at the control box. No More R.F. on the line.

I know it was a bit of over kill but when i rebuilt the shack console this past summer i removed all my Sand State Gear and Went back to Tube Gear. Us old guys just have to relive our youth . got my ticket at age 15 in 1962 hihi.. i ordered a couple dozen snap on's for RG-213 again BY made.
and put on each coax line at the coax switch's in the shack that i use to switch between all 8 BA stations. This worked for me no R.F. on any of the watt-meter's Rotor Control's modem or 8 port routers. i can now run the Alpha 89 full output on 160 and not see R.F. problems
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the list.
73 Tony WA4JQS / VP8BZL

Have no ideal where that other message came from with my address .

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