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And just get your log backup to OneDrive or other cloud service and you are now safe. BACKUP is the answer. You could even have your log on OneDrive or other service if you have good internet.

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I would be *strongly* opposed the the capability of automatic uploads to *ANY* on-line logbook (LotW is not a "logbook" but a confirmation method).

The code/UI to do so would add considerable overhead to DXKeeper's internal log database, would invariably slow DXKeepeer's operation and would provide significantly more user confusion/add to the already substantial learning curve.

If you want to transfer data to any other logger, the ADIF export facility is designed for data transfer.


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On 2021-12-13 5:25 AM, Rien Aarden wrote:
Hi Dave,I would like to ask you if it is possible to build in DXkeeper
that your qso's are automatically uploaded to QRZ.COM log?I have
worked with logpublisher for a long time but since I got Win11
Logpublisher no longer works here, at least the upload to does
the upload to have watched a lot with Volker with
Teamviewer but it is not possible to upload to QRZ.COM yet.Maybe you
can help me and the community of DXLab with this by integrating it
into DXKeeper?Thanks in advance for the response and for your great
program.greetingRien, PA7RA

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