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Over several years I have tried many different Virus Checking programs and eventually abandoned all except for Microsoft's "Windows Security" provided with Windows-10.

I gave up trying to use 3rd party virus protection quite a while back. My conjecture is: The virus programs seemed to consider only the current versions of the executables you mark as allowed. And, that protection was good only for that single version/executable's signature [including those in a folder]. When a new version is issued the executable has a new signature and then the virus protection sees that executable as a new program/executable. I don't know this for sure, but it sure acted this way.

Your miss-trust of Microsoft's virus may well have valid in the past. But, Microsoft has significantly stepped up their approach and treatment of Computer Intrusion protection.** Along with the new Microsoft view of protection; we now see the quality of their product has noticeably improved in the Windows-10 versions. And, now with AA6YQ's submission of new DXLab components to Microsoft for validation had made life a lot easier for myself and a lot of other DXLab users.

Dave, w6de

** Microsoft's new Windows-11 processor requirements for hardware security capabilities is clear evidence of this. It may be a bit overboard for us home users. But, it is certainly needed for Microsoft's Corporate and Business user community.

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I got back to you and reported that initially I neglected to have networking enabled when I tried DXK in safe mode. When I repeated the trial in safe mode with networking enabled DXK worked fine. Out of safe mode the issue returned. You suggested that pointed to Bitdefender as being the likely problem.

Before trying to contact Bitdefender support I cleared my exceptions list, restarted the computer, and rebuilt my exceptions. That seems to have cleared the issue. One might suspect a typo or something, but in Bitdefender you just browse to and click on the file/folder/extension you want to include on the list, turn on the switch, and you're good to go.

Thanks for your time and suggestions. Now I have a starting place if something like this happens again.

Mike, W3QT

On 12/4/2021 09:23 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

I temporarily shut down Bitdefender and DXK now works as it should.

+ I thought you reported that not have networking enabled was the culprit.

So it looks like it's the culprit. If I have DXLab folder in my
exceptions list what's left to do as far as escaping from it causing this issue?

+ I don't know. I suggest that you contact BitDefender support.


Dave, AA6YQ

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