Re: Display QSO partner's full name in DXKeeper

Daniel W9DGI

Hi Dave,
Thank you for your prompt reply!
Yes, I’d thought of that (substituting <addr> for <name> in the Log Page Display), but wouldn’t that also change the displayed names for QSOs logged with my previous logging software? I’d also thought of adding last names by editing each log entry, but that seems cumbersome. 
I suppose that the pruning of the last names is something that’s done in the DXLabs software, by displaying only <fname> from the data returned by But couldn't you also display the last name {<name> from QRZ), appending it to <fname>? Note: I’ve only considered QRZ’s callsign data fields; I don’t know about the other possible sources!
(One of the problems here is the treatment of some Asian names, where the family name is often given first, followed by the individual’s given name. I’m not sure how QRZ handles these.) 
There are lots of options shown on the Configuration/General and Configuration/Log panes. Would it be possible to add a check box (“display first name only") to the “options” or “Log QSOs options” or “Log Page Display” panes? I would welcome having that choice!
Thanks for all you do, Dave, to keep these programs useful and robust!
Daniel W9DGI

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