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Dave AA6YQ

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I would like DXKeeper to display the full name of the QSO partner (obtained from, say,, not just the first name. I haven't found a way to do this in the documentation or the Wiki, but I hope it's possible! How can this be accomplished? (Note: QSOs imported from my previous logging software do show the full name in DCKeeper, but QSOs logged in DXLab do not.)

+ If reported by the callbook you are using, you will find your QSO partner's full name on the first line of the "addr" item, which you can see by making the QSL panel visible on the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab.

You can add the "addr" item to the Log Page Display, which will make your QSO partner's full name visible there as well.

+ This component of the reference documentation describes every item logged with each QSO, and the panel in the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab in which it appears:

+ It is also accessible by clicking on of DXKeeper's Help buttons, and navigating to the "Log Items" section near the bottom.

+ Adding a new column to the Log Page Display is described here step-by-step:


Dave, AA6YQ

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