Re: Skimmer Spots Overwriting SOTA Spots

Dave AA6YQ

@ AA6YQ comments below

When there isn't much DX to chase I like to chase SOTA activators. I have set as a spot source along with VE7CC. I only accept Skimmer spots from WA, OR, ID, and BC and I do so to see DX stations that show up on Skimmer before someone from NA-W spots them. I understand how SC combines spots given the time and frequency settings. When I get a spot from the SOTA cluster it shows up in a filter I have based on the Network item.

+ A Spot Database Entry's Network field contains the name of the spot source that most recently contributed information to that Entry. Why does your filter reference this field?

**I was looking for a way to distinguish SOTA spots. There is a telnet link to SOTA spots and I was using the network name for that link. However, I understand why that was the wrong way to do it.

+ What is the objective of your filter?

**The objective of my filter was to isolate SOTA spots from other spots when I just want to chase SOTA . I also jump between a SOTA filter and a Needed DX filter to watch what is going on.

However, if a Skimmer spot comes in for the same station via VE7CC, the SOTA spot is overwritten and the SOTA spot disappears from my filter.

+ Information from a new spot is added to existing information; "over-writing" only occurs when a subsequent spot contains updated information, e.g. a new QSX frequency or a (hopefully) corrected grid square.

** Realizing that the Notes fields are not overwritten but additive I created a different filter using "Notes Like "?#*/*" AND <AGEFILTER> AND <MODEFILTER>" which seems to be doing a good job of isolating the SOTA spots with summit information from RBN spots.

@ SpotCollector recognizes SOTA tags in spot notes, extracts them, and places them in each Spot Database Entry's SOTA field. You can make this field visible in the Spot Database Display. To see all Entries that specify a SOTA tag, you can use


@ instead of

Notes Like "?#*/*"

@ You can use the SOTA field to assemble a "SOTA Need" filter, e.g.

SOTA in ('W7A/CS-014', 'GM/CS-121',' GW/SW-016')

@ Similar support is provided for POTA and WWFF.


Dave, AA6YQ

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