Re: Skimmer Spots Overwriting SOTA Spots

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

When there isn't much DX to chase I like to chase SOTA activators. I have set as a spot source along with VE7CC. I only accept Skimmer spots from WA, OR, ID, and BC and I do so to see DX stations that show up on Skimmer before someone from NA-W spots them. I understand how SC combines spots given the time and frequency settings. When I get a spot from the SOTA cluster it shows up in a filter I have based on the Network item.

+ A Spot Database Entry's Network field contains the name of the spot source that most recently contributed information to that Entry. Why does your filter reference this field?

+ What is the objective of your filter?

However, if a Skimmer spot comes in for the same station via VE7CC, the SOTA spot is overwritten and the SOTA spot disappears from my filter.

+ Information from a new spot is added to existing information; "over-writing" only occurs when a subsequent spot contains updated information, e.g. a new QSX frequency or a (hopefully) corrected grid square.


Dave, AA6YQ

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