Skimmer Spots Overwriting SOTA Spots


When there isn't much DX to chase I like to chase SOTA activators.  I have set as a spot source along with VE7CC.  I only accept Skimmer spots from WA, OR, ID, and BC and I do so to see DX stations that show up on Skimmer before someone from NA-W spots them.  I understand how SC combines spots given the time and frequency settings.  When I get a spot from the SOTA cluster it shows up in a filter I have based on the Network item.  However, if a Skimmer spot comes in for the same station via VE7CC, the SOTA spot is overwritten and the SOTA spot disappears from my filter.  I understand that this is the way SC is designed to work.  Does it make any sense to be able to prioritize Spot Sources or to have special handling for Skimmer spots so they don't overwrite spots from other sources?  

I don't consider the situation to be a problem.  It would just make my operating simpler. 
Bob AF9W
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