Re: Q65 Spotcolletor

Dave AA6YQ

* more AA6YQ comments below

Setup Win7 WSJT-X 2.5.2 (running 2 instances) DXKeeper, DXView, and Spotcolletor.
One instance was running 6M FT8 the other 2M Q65-60A trying to see if I could decode EME during the contest this weekend. I was tuned to a local station frequency on Q65 but Spotcolletor was showing it as QRA64. Of course I didn't try to log it to see if it was logging correctly or not.

+ If the Spot Database Entry was created by one of your WSJT-X instances, then that instance reported the mode as QRA64. That said, I haven't yet updated SpotCollector to recognize the character that WSJT-X reports for Q65; I'll do that in the next version.

* Bill G4WJS informs me that Q65 supersedes QRA64. Thus when the current version of SpotCollector reports QRA64, the mode is actually Q65. This has been corrected in the next version of SpotCollector.


Dave, AA6YQ

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