Re: Q65 Spotcolletor

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Setup Win7 WSJT-X 2.5.2 (running 2 instances) DXKeeper, DXView, and Spotcolletor.
One instance was running 6M FT8 the other 2M Q65-60A trying to see if I could decode EME during the contest this weekend. I was tuned to a local station frequency on Q65 but Spotcolletor was showing it as QRA64. Of course I didn't try to log it to see if it was logging correctly or not.

+ If the Spot Database Entry was created by one of your WSJT-X instances, then that instance reported the mode as QRA64. That said, I haven't yet updated SpotCollector to recognize the character that WSJT-X reports for Q65; I'll do that in the next version.

Just thought I'd let ya know.

+ Thanks! I meant to try 6M EME when my friend Lance W7GJ was QRV from the South Pacific, but higher priorities intervened...


Dave, AA6YQ

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