Re: Sending CW from WW to ICOM IC-7300 via CI-V

Dave AA6YQ

In my response below, I should have mentioned that after you have WinWarbler able to send text in CW via Commande,r you can then employ WinWarbler macros to send signal reports, etc. See

As noted in this article, macros can include "substitution commands", e.g. <rstsent> and <rstreceived> to send the report you've already recorded in the Main window's "QSO Info" panel. See


Dave, AA6YQ

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I am trying to write WinWarbler macros that send CI-V commands to Commander to have the IC-7300 send CW for me. I'm doing this because I want the 7300 to generate the CW freeing the tight timing off of the computer particularly when in the field doing POTA.

Currently, if I use the following WW macro <xcvrcommand: FEFE94E0173333FD> the 7300 immediately sends 33 (33 33 in the macro and I only have the ASCII values for 0 - 9 memorized, maybe I'm not the geek that I think I am). But when I execute the following <xcvrcommand: FEFE94E017><xcvrcommand: 'de AA3K TEST><xcvrcommand: FD> there is a 4 or 5 second delay before the 7300 sends the resulting CW. I would like to build up these macros to use <callsign>, <RSTsent> and possibly other macro commands but the delay has got me stumped. I do not see anything in the message history here that suggests a solution.

+ There's no need to send CI-V commands to your IC-7300 to direct it to send CW; WinWarbler can be configured to direct Commander to send text to your IC-7300 to be transmitted in CW. See item 5 in

+ If this doesn't get you going, please let me know.


Dave, AA6YQ

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