Re: Sending CW from WW to ICOM IC-7300 via CI-V

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I am trying to write WinWarbler macros that send CI-V commands to Commander to have the IC-7300 send CW for me. I'm doing this because I want the 7300 to generate the CW freeing the tight timing off of the computer particularly when in the field doing POTA.

Currently, if I use the following WW macro <xcvrcommand: FEFE94E0173333FD> the 7300 immediately sends 33 (33 33 in the macro and I only have the ASCII values for 0 - 9 memorized, maybe I'm not the geek that I think I am). But when I execute the following <xcvrcommand: FEFE94E017><xcvrcommand: 'de AA3K TEST><xcvrcommand: FD> there is a 4 or 5 second delay before the 7300 sends the resulting CW. I would like to build up these macros to use <callsign>, <RSTsent> and possibly other macro commands but the delay has got me stumped. I do not see anything in the message history here that suggests a solution.

+ There's no need to send CI-V commands to your IC-7300 to direct it to send CW; WinWarbler can be configured to direct Commander to send text to your IC-7300 to be transmitted in CW. See item 5 in

+ If this doesn't get you going, please let me know.


Dave, AA6YQ

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