Issue attempting to remove Duplicate QSO's - Program Error 3043

Joe Bales

When following the instructions located at I am left with ALL of my 41,000 QSO's displayed in the log.  I have a few hundred dupes.  The routine in the link previously mentioned seems to go through the process to select dupes.  I looked at the error log and found the following error message at the time of completion of the removingduplicate routine.  program error 3043 in module DXLogModule.FlagDuplicateQSOs: Disk or network error. -

Any ideas on this one?  I would like to remove the dupes with them only being the items showing in the log.  This is a 2 week old new computer build with Solid State hard drives.  I doubt there is a real disk error.  The data file is in the cloud.  perhaps this is the issue ... but I have been using the data in the cloud for years.


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