Re: Can't update to TQSL 2.5.9


Don't "delete files and registry entries" ... use Revo Uninstaller.   There are free and pro versions, and the pro version is on sale right now for 9.98.      About $15 off.  Even the free version will remove programs, but the pro does more and at that price WELL worth the money.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 11/20/2021 7:44 AM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:

Since 2.5.9 became available I have been unable to update to it.

My installed TQSL says it's 2.5.7, but Programs and Features in Control Panel, and Apps & Features (the W10 app,) both say I have 2.5.5 installed. Installing 2.5.9 fails - process can't find a valid installation package. Even when I point it at tqsl-2.5.9.msi that I downloaded manually from the LotW page, the installation fails.

I cannot uninstall TQSL either - the process looks for a valid 2.5.5 installation package. I couldn't find a 2.5.5 installation .msi file on the web to download.

I suppose I could uninstall manually (by deleting files and registry entries) but am reluctant to tinker with the registry. After some rooting around on the LotW pages I found a Trouble Ticket submission mechanism (it's at ). I submitted a ticket two weeks ago; no response.

Does anyone have suggestions?

73, John W1JA


+ Rick K1MU, could you give John a hand with this?

+ Greg K0GW, you might check to see why John received no response to his Trouble Ticket.



                Dave, AA6YQ

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