Can't update to TQSL 2.5.9

John W1JA

Since 2.5.9 became available I have been unable to update to it.

My installed TQSL says it's 2.5.7, but Programs and Features in Control Panel, and Apps & Features (the W10 app,) both say I have 2.5.5 installed. Installing 2.5.9 fails - process can't find a valid installation package. Even when I point it at tqsl-2.5.9.msi that I downloaded manually from the LotW page, the installation fails.

I cannot uninstall TQSL either - the process looks for a valid 2.5.5 installation package. I couldn't find a 2.5.5 installation .msi file on the web to download.

I suppose I could uninstall manually (by deleting files and registry entries) but am reluctant to tinker with the registry. After some rooting around on the LotW pages I found a Trouble Ticket submission mechanism (it's at ). I submitted a ticket two weeks ago; no response.

Does anyone have suggestions?

73, John W1JA

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