Re: Apparently self spotting my call in SpotCollector?

Ken Bandy, KJ9B

I see this as well, Ed.  I have attributed it to an automatic RBN spot.  It’s actually kind of helpful to see what propagation is like at the time.  I notice the callsign of the spotting station changes periodically, with the signal report changing accordingly.



Ken, KJ9B


From: <> On Behalf Of Ed
Sent: Friday, November 19, 2021 6:14 PM
Subject: [DXLab] Apparently self spotting my call in SpotCollector?


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Good afternoon,
I have not run SpotCollector for quite awhile.  
I am only running DXLabs and WSJT-X software, to isolate my apparent self spotting????
I have looked everywhere for a setting that I might have missed, and ran searches to find an answer.

Every time I transmit this happens.......................................What is happening is illustrated :

WA6WGS on 14074.0 in FT8 at 11/19/2021 2244Z (K: United States)  with the source field containing a callnumber-#  .  

I'm sure somewhere I have seen this mentioned, but for the life of me can't find anything.
Can someone please direct me in the right direction to stop this from happening.  Its driving me nuts.
Regards,  ED WA6WGS

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