Re: SQL Syntax Question


Yep, MYQTHID='' worked. When I was trying it I was not including  “ID”


Tony N2SS




On 11/16/21, 2:46 PM, "ND9G Mike" < on behalf of mike.nd9g@...> wrote:


MTQTHID=''  works fine for me.


Those are two single quotes, not a single double quote.



Mike ND9G



On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 1:24 PM n2_ss <n2ss@...> wrote:

I have multiple MYQTH locations and I have some QSO’s in my log where the MYQTH entry is blank (somehow some got dropped when transferring from another logging program). I would like to do a custom sort to identify blank MYQTH boxes so that I can fix them. I’ve tried using apostrophe’s and quotation marks both with and without spaces in between; I’ve tried using the term NULL. Can’t get anything to generate just the blank MYQTH entries. Obviously, I’ve got something wrong in the SQL syntax. Suggestions?



Tony N2SS

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