Re: Can DX Labs run on Windows 11 on ARM


On 15/11/2021 18:09, Joy Rabins wrote:
Thanks Dave. I would prefer to stay on my Mac even emulating Windows but you are right about Parallels being another failure point. I don't think I'm too worried about any slow downs. The M1 is blazing fast according to many people. Even if it is a little slower translating the X86 instructions I'm not playing games so my thought is I probably wouldn't notice it. Hopefully  someone has taken this step and will report.

Hi Joy,

another data point I can provide is that users of WSJT-X on macOS have reported excellent performance on M1 Macs, we still only ship WSJT-X built for Intel x64 CPUs so it is running under the Apple Rosetta 2 emulator. As WSJT-X is extremely CPU intensive while decoding, and decoding elapsed time is critical to good performance, it seems the Rosetta 2 emulator is dong a very good job.




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