Re: USB Hub Suggestions

Peter Laws / N5UWY

1) Make sure that the hub supports "SuperSpeed" (USB 3.0 and higher)
even if you don't have any gear that needs that speed.

2) Yeah, power supply if you plan to run things that consume power
like USB sound devices on the bus.

3) The USB spec doesn't seem to actually include hubs with more than 4
ports! What you get is a 4-port hub, where one of those 4 ports is
wired directly to a second hub that has 4 ports. (4-1)+4 is, as I
hope you all know, 7. Keep that in mind as you set things up. If you
use one of the many Windows tools (especially Nirsoft or Uwe's USB
Device Tree Viewer ) this is more obvious. Power-only ports don't
count in this scheme as they are usually just wired to the
aforementioned power supply.

4) Some of the power-over-USB specs (whether a regular data bus or
power-only) these days are getting crazy. 240 W? Yep - 48 V at up to
5 A. A far cry from the original 2.5 W (5 V at up to 0.5 A)

5) A, B, C are plug form factors. Prior to C, the system was designed
to prevent a user from connecting a power source to a power source.
With the C form factor you can actually do that and the
firmware/software will figure out who is to do what and all will be
well. A particular plug or socket spec doesn't necessarily say
anything about what speed it actually uses. I'm sure there will be or
are many devices with USB C forma factor connectors that only support
USB 1.2 speeds. It's fine - it all just works, but don't be fooled
into thinking it supports 10 Gbit/s speed just because it has a C plug

What we need is a list of hubs that are known to be *problematic* for
radio hobbyists ...

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