Re: Windows 11


Laurie's comments about the Windows Metro Style brought me shivers.  I was able to skip over that release, but had enough experience with it to do all I could to keep it off my PCs.

Social media, safe space junk just doesn't work for me.  I'm just too old and old-fashioned.

My wife and I have 3 old/mature laptops that I've updated over the years with SSDs, maximum memory, new mother-board, fan units, etc., etc..  None of these rock-solid, boat-anchors meet specifications for W-11.  And we're retired with fixed $$ and those fixed $$ don't include new computers for a new O/S.

The laptop I use for my radio work gets a workout when the cluster(s) are active on special events, but I just deal with it and adjust the cluster filters to help throttle the flow to help keep the CPU from running its legs off.  :-) 

73 - Nolan K.  -  ki5io

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